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Living Environment
At SKK GSB, you can find a much richer diversity of students - of various ages and from various backgrounds - compared with other business schools. In the past few years, talented students from 37 countries came to SKK GSB - creating a small global village - to design their future.
Carefully designed programs and activities at SKK GSB give you a diversity of experiences and learning during 16 months.
Case Competition
Every April, a Case Competition allows students to analyze and find solutions to real-life cases within 24 hours. Through the competition, students can recognize how much progress they have made since the mini start of the program.
Reunion Day
On Reunion Day, SKK GSB graduates, students, faculty and staff come together and feel the bonding of the SKK GSB network.
Overseas Field Trip
SKK GSB students go on an overseas field trip every year to exchange ideas and discuss market strategies of global enterprises with students from business schools in the region.
Social Events
Held regularly every month, students can network, relax and build friendships at the social events like temple stay, networking day, hiking, etc.
Committees & Clubs
At SKK GSB, students are involved in various activities through student committees and clubs. Through these activities, they can build leadership, teamwork, and ethics - all the required qualities for MBA candidates.
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