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橇肺弊伐 俺夸
100% 康绢肺 柳青登哥, 1斥 4俺岿 苞沥涝聪促.
付纳泼, 牧汲泼, 陛蓝 殿狼 技 啊瘤 飘发栏肺 臂肺国 厚令聪胶 府歹甫 腊己窍绰 沥烹 MBA 苞沥涝聪促.
促剧茄 Elective Course肺 版康切 傈馆俊 措茄 气承篮 傈巩己阑 爱免 荐 乐嚼聪促.
(Marketing, Management, Accounting, Decision Sciences)
盔窍绰 切积篮 穿备唱 Study Abroad Program俊 瘤盔且 荐 乐嚼聪促.
涝切沥盔篮 距 40疙捞哥, 概斥 8岿 矫累邓聪促.
Core Courses:
- Economic Analysis
- Foundations of Leadership & Teamwork
- Quantitative Analysis for Business Decisions
- Understanding Financial Statements
- Asset Valuation and Risk
- Competitive Strategy
- Managerial Accounting
- Financial Management
- Managerial Economics
Elective Courses:
- Business Law
- Critical Thinking and Ethics
- Effective Communications
- Effective Communications
- Global Macroeconomic Environment
- Innovation and Entrepreneurship
- Accounting for Decision Making
- Accounting for Performance Measurement and Control
- Analysis of Corporate Voluntary Disclosure
- Analytical Research in Accounting
- Corporate Financial Reporting
- Empirical Research in Accounting
- Financial Statement Analysis
- Global Financial Reporting
- Independent Study – Accounting I (1.5 credit hours)
- Independent Study – Accounting II (3.0 credit hours)
- Special Topics in Managerial Accounting
- Taxes and Business Strategy
- Brand Management
- Business Marketing
- Channel Strategies
- Consumer Behavior
- Database Marketing/Customer Relationship Management
- Independent Study – Marketing I (1.5 credit hours)
- Independent Study – Marketing II (3.0 credit hours)
- Marketing Communications
- Marketing Decision Models
- Marketing Research
- Pricing Strategies
- Product Management
- Technology Marketing
Decision Sciences
- Independent Study – Decision Sciences I (1.5 credit hours)
- Independent Study – Decision Sciences II (3.0 credit hours)
- Modeling Complex System
- Special Topics in Decision Sciences
- Supply Chain Management
- Yield Management and Dynamic Pricing
- Creating and Maintaining Strategic Alliances
- Entrepreneurship and Small Business Studies
- Global Strategy
- Groups and Teamwork in Organizations
- Human Resource Management
- Independent Study – Management I (1.5 credit hours)
- Independent Study – Management II (3.0 credit hours)
- International Management
- Management of Technology and Innovation
- Negotiations
- Organizational Behavior
- Strategic Management
- Bond Markets and Strategies
- Capital Budgeting
- Corporate Financial Strategy
- Corporate Governance and Restructuring
- Creating Corporate Value
- Derivative Securities and Markets
- Equity Markets and Valuation
- Financial Markets and Intermediation
- Financial Risk Management
- Independent Study – Finance I (1.5 credit hours)
- Independent Study – Finance II (3.0 credit hours)
- International Financial Decision Making
- Real Options
- Structured Products in Finance
- Venture Capital and Private Equity
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