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Dual Degree Program
Study Abroad Program
Target: Full-Time MBA students
Degree: SKK GSB MBA degree + Indiana Univ. Kelley School MBA degree
Period: 1 Year at SKK GSB + 1 Year at Indiana Univ. Kelley School
Size: Up to 35 students a year
- 9 students accepted in 2008
- 9 students accepted in 2009
- 17 students accepted in 2010
- GPA of 1st Semester at SKK GSB: over 3.75/4.5
- TOEFL Score (Mandatory)
- GMAT Score (Optional)
Selection process and schedule
- Test score submission: Early in the 1st semester (End of Sep)
- Application: Early in the 2nd semester (in Jan)
- Essay & Interview: Early in the 2nd semester (Jan - Feb)
- Admission: End of the 2nd semester (in Mar)
- SKK GSB (1 Year): 30,500,000 KRW (in 2011)
- Indiana Univ. Kelley School (1 Year): $45,164 (in 2011)
For Executive MBA program
All students who graduate from the Indiana University, Kelley School - SKK GSB Executive MBA get one MBA degree from Sungkyunkwan University-SKK GSB and another degree from Indiana Univ. Kelley School.
Degree: SKK GSB MBA Degree + Indiana Univ. Kelley School MBA Degree
Period: 16 months* in Korea (Including 2 Residency programs in US)
* EMBA program is a weekend program.
Size: Up to 50 students a year
Requirements: 45 credits and GPA of 3.5/4.5
Executive MBA
About Indiana University Kelley School of Business
Overall Evaluation
Ranked #15 among US MBA Programs, #6 among National/Public Universities in USA (BusinessWeek 2009)
Evaluation by area
- Marketing #2 (Financial Times 2008)
- Finance #9 (BusinessWeek 2007)
- Entrepreneurship #2 (US News & World Report 2007)
- Accounting #7 (Wall Street Journal 2007)
Faculty Quality
- Faculty Quality #1 (Princeton Review, 2004, 2005, 2006)
- Quality of Teaching A+ (Business Week, 2007)
Location: Bloomington, Indiana, USA
Homepage: http://www.kelley.iu.edu/MBA/
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Dual Degree Program
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