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“ When applying to SKK GSB, I was seeking a professional degree that would ultimately open doors to job interviews for me. After speaking with the Dean and committee members, I was impressed by their dedication to students' career development and job-placement as the school's ultimate goal.
Looking back, I am glad I made the decision to join the program.

First, I was pleasantly surprised and encouraged by the fact that the Career Development Center knew my resume by heart and took genuine interest in my career aspirations and needs. Second, frequent interactions with my advisors helped to sharpen my approach and come up with a compelling resume for job applications. Third, my cold-call application letters would have hardly reached their intended target had it not been for the follow-up calls from SKK GSB. A single phone call goes a long way when a manager receives up to 200 e-mail applications a day and is looking for shortcuts to decide which one to process first.

Finally, I would like to say "thank you" for the dedication that our school has shown to raising professionals and helping them navigate and succeed in the business world.”

- Konstantine Vassiliev, Class of 2008, Russia (Samsung Securities, Investment Banking) -
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Careers & Internship Profile
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