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Career Development Office
Career Development
Careers & Internship Profile
Career Coaching
- Professional career coaches in Career Development Center work with students individually throughout
the year.
- CDC helps students with career planning and job search strategies.
Career Mentoring
- CDC serves students in the mentoring program to network with corporate leaders.
Through this program, students get advice from experts who are working in the industry they desire and
gain further insight into potential employers.
“ I’d like to point out our excellent mentoring service. Through mentoring, I was able to meet a senior level manager who has extensive experiences and insights. We regularly meet and talk about virtually everything, from career related issues to private concerns. Having casual conversations, heated debates, and getting valuable advice are great experiences, not to mention very helpful.”
- Hee Yeon Jun, Class of 2009, Korea. -
Lectures and Workshops, etc.
- Lectures, workshops and seminars are conducted throughout the.
- Topics include networking, resume clinics, interview techniques, salary negotiations and job search strategies.
Summer Internships
- CDC proactively helps students to find summer internships, both international and domestic.
Thus, students can understand the real business world and build additional networks in their desired
Our partnerships with top multinational corporations and our growing network will enable students to explore diverse career opportunities.
- SKK GSB graduates have built a strong connection and they help current students with career planning,
networking, and job search activities.
Job Postings
CDC takes steps to prepare students professionally for the job markets. We offer students extensive opportunities through online information system. CDC tries to match the skills of students with a company's requirements and transmits resume summaries to recruiters at various industries.
Career Library
SKK GSB offers students the “online career library”. This large database of career information makes their efforts at researching employers, industries, and career subjects of the world easier and more efficient.

- Industry advice on specific industries and occupations.

- Independent company profiles. 

- Career advice about interviewing, resumes, cover letters and more. 

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Career Development
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