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2016 Professional MBA admission schedules
Undergraduate degree or a degree from an equivalent institution
Number of students (per year): About 60
Admissions policy and schedules
SKK GSB has a Rolling Admissions policy for the Professional MBA program.
Applicants can submit their application & admission documents anytime they want during the application submission period. SKK GSB review application and have interviews every week. We will notify applicants about the result within one week from the interview. Admitted students need to deposit to confirm their enrollment. Registration will be from November.
Once the number of registered students meets the class quota, admission will be completed.
Admission schedules
1. Application submission: July 13 ~ Nov. 20, 2015 (rolling admissions)
2. Document evaluation: within a week from the submission
3. Interview: within one or two weeks from the submission (Individual interview in English)
4. Admission & scholarship announcement: within one or two weeks from the interview
5. Enrollment confirmation (Deposit): within 10 days from the announcement
- The schedules are subject to change according to the admission process.
6. Registration period:
    - Students admitted from July to October: November 11 ~ 13
    - Students admitted in November: December 11 ~ 13
● Separate schedule for students who will use student loan
Admission guide event schedules
August 26 (Wed), 7 PM / Venue: IFC Bldg. Yeoido - Admission meeting (small group)
September 23 (Wed) 7 PM / Venue: International Hall, Sungkyunkwan University - Info. Session
Oct 22 (Wed), 7 PM / Venue: Samsung Dong Textile Center - Admission meeting (small group)
Admission Process
- 1st Step: Document evaluation (online application & other documents)
- 2nd Step: Individual admission interview (20 minutes / English)
Admission Documents
Required documents
1. Application Form (No essay, online submission only)
2. A Copy of Diploma or Certification of Graduation
   - For universities in Korea
      : Certification of Graduation (1 English & 1 Korean/ original document)
   - For overseas universities
      : a copy of diploma (Eng.) , Letter of Consent
3. Academic Transcripts (Eng., original document)
4. Resume (Korean or English)
    * Applicants can use an attached resume form.
5. Certification of Career(s) (current and past, applicants with work experience only)
6. An Affidavit of Support (Korean or English/ Company sponsored only)
7. Receipt of Application Fee (1 copy)
     - Application fee: ₩70,000 (Korean won).
     - Bank Name: Woori Bank (Account Name: Sungkyunkwan University)
     - Account Number: 1006-280-123123
Optional documents
1. English Test Scores
     - Choose one from TOEFL, TOEIC, TEPS, IELTS, TOEIC speaking and OPIc (before expired date)
2. GMAT and GRE
     * Institution codes: GMAT: B7S-F2-24 / TOEFL and GRE: 8713
1) Submitted documents will not be returned.
2) Transcripts and diplomas must be originals in English, or notarized translations into English.
Mailing Address
Sungkyunkwan-ro 25-2, Jongro-gu, Seoul, Korea 110-745
SKK Graduate School of Business, MBA office
International Hall. (2nd Fl.), Sungkyunkwan University
Ms. Jin Hee Lim
Contact Information
Hwa-Yeon Cho (Associate Director of Admissions & PR)
Tel: 82-2-740-1520
Jin Hee Lim (Associate Director of Professional MBA)
Tel: 82-2-740-1507
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